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We're Back! God said so....

So maybe I needed the nudge received this morning by spammers on the site, let's call it a God nudge. Hey y'all it's been quite some time! Good Grief! Life has been coming in hot this last year. If I am just being honest the truth is that losing someone completely halts your life and reality. I call it Griefality, because it is like living in an alternate universe, metaverse, just stuck while life continues to go on. But, there is a choice! We can stay stuck and dwell or we can put one foot in front of the other and create more memories and continue to honor the ones we love. Now this doesn't mean you won't hurt; quite the opposite because you are yielding to your grief you will feel the pain, however it won't always feel this bad!

What does that mean? It means not giving up. Continuing to do things with people and experiences that bring you joy! Get out of bed, Get out of your heads! (I am talking to myself too) We must operate within our gifts again in this season, because someone's breakthrough is tied to our obedience. Let that marinate, you doing your assignment and sharing your trials directly impact the people you are blessing through your life. This is what God wants from us. I am guilty of hiding during my turbulent seasons. I wanted to not be seen nor heard because it wasn't pretty, it hurts. Nothing good could come from this mess right, wrong you are God's chosen example.

So, as I was fussing at God in the shower this last week, I got an instant message. One of my biggest pain points in my journey of parenting a medically complex kiddo is that we don't get to do "regular things" . I grieved many things I would not be able to experience BUT GOD. One of those things was Jaxon being a part of a team, a community of kids that share his same interest. I wanted to cheer for something other than Physical therapy. Well look at God, Jaxon is a part of Field of Friends 2023 where he is on a baseball team! Go Dragons! These kids and parents are so brave, all the participants are of the special needs community! It feels like home! Jaxon has a space and place! I get to cheer as loud as I can and show up as just a parent! Thank you God. For this I am truly grateful!

Will you share an answered prayer you received recently?

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