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has not   been easy


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Friendship!  That's what united us.  We became fast friends in 2012 before Darryl joined the Navy.  Soon after came boot camp, schooling and deployment all in the first nine months. 


Our bond grew stronger and we married in 2013 and had our dream wedding in 2014.  While in Washington State we met lifelong friends and created memories that will last us a lifetime.  It was then when all we had was each other that we learned to lean on each other! 


Tragedy, devastation, vacations, laughter, arguments 9 years and a lotta love and we're still at it. Still arguing and never giving up because God said NO!

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first comes love (and marriage)

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lots of new beginnings...

Starting Over; this  was supposed to be our redemption story! Getting another shot at getting it right this time!  My first pregnancy, my first connection to someone's spirit that was so strong it took over my body.  Jaxon showed great strength within my womb. 


Always shown with his fist balled and not willing to cooperate and let us see him was the weekly norm.  I knew he was a fighter. As his mother, my wish for him was to never have to fight, to never know struggle, nor pain. In my heart, I believe Jaxon's injury had nothing to do with GOD and everything to do with man. GOD saved Jaxon, this I know. 


then comes the unexpected...

July 4, 2015 our lives changed forever. At 5 years old, Darren suffered what can be presumed as a non-accidental Traumatic Brain Injury, complied with a host of other injuries. Devastation.  Darren was given a 3% chance of survival, but GOD said NO!  We traveled to Kosair Children's Hospital and remained in Louisville, KY until mid-December. Multiple surgeries later, Darren now suffers with epilepsy and high muscle tone.  But God Said No, not this time and he continues to smile and give us strength. 

Is it hard? YES! But it is worth it because GOD said NO! 

starting over, again....

But GOD, GOD said No! GOD said NO not this time! Just like Lazarus , after over 20 minutes of resuscitation still no heartbeat of his own the doctor's began calling time of death. Unable to see his newly born son, Darryl, Jaxon's earthly father, called his name and finally connect to God and get his prayer.  "Jaxon!"  Darryl called and just like that, Jaxon's heart started beating on his own! GOD said NO, NOT this Time!  GOD we prayed that this would be beautiful, but what we experienced was a beautiful nightmare. Jaxon God has a plan for you, that's why God said No!

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...but God said NO!

Mommy and Daddy will never give up on you Jaxon nor your brother Darren!  God said No, again in a Walmart Parking Lot as I found Jaxon unresponsive lifeless and limp. 


I performed CPR on the trunk of my car; and again it happened just like Lazarus. I called Jaxon's name and within seconds he was back God said NO, not this time! Both boys were 5 doors down from each other in ICU and GOD said No! 


Baby boy and Big boy we promise to be there every step of the way! WE are alive and together making these days count because God said No! ​

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