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I want it back!!

Hey ya'll!

Can I take my vulnerability back? Can I run and tuck my head back in like a turtle? God why did you give me this? Why do you keep giving me all this hard stuff? I don't want it. I'm tired! To live in the shadows can be comforting. But why? Dimming my light is almost 2nd nature, be seen but not too much. Let them know you are here, but not really. Fly under the radar!

God said No, not this time! I have to show the people your trials so they can celebrate your triumphs. I often talk to God in the shower because that is where I feel I can be the most authentic and he actually talks back!

I don't know whose life I'm saving, whose soul I'm ministering to but God said NO! What he has you for you is just for you! The path is not beaten! This journey is yours and yours alone. The market is saturated but it's not your story. This is God's glory! These are God's children, this is God's message! Satan get back there is nothing for you here. No room for doubt! Uncomfortable, yep! Easy, Nope! Necessary, absolutely! God got this, and God got you!

Chin up, shoulders back, invisible superhero cap tied. Get ready for the outpour! Dang, that message was for me! Peace and blessing see you this week on Youtube! Stress less, God got it!

Bye Ya'll!

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