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Count down to 1..........

Hey Y'all

Jaxon is turning 1 on Sunday, July 25th!!! Yes, already Jaxon has turned 3 days into 365. My Sonshine has bravery and courage that only God can gift you with. This July Jaxon is bringing the magic!

First word : Yes, Jaxon said his 1st word on the first day of July! What a way to start his Birthday month! Hearing Jaxon's voice was the sweetest sound I've heard in years. An answer to prayers. If you are a reader of the God said No blog you would know the possibility of never hearing Jaxon's voice was something I struggled with. Well, God said No to that thought and gave me a miracle to soothe this aching mama's heart.

Milestones are tough as a mom with children that do not meet the neurotypical standards. Jaxon has challenges, lots of challenges. Darren has more challenges. Challenges that just 1 year ago were not remotely on the radar! The expectation of Jaxon's arrival was that of excitement not tragedy. The milestone of turning 1 can swing a pendulum in many directions for this family! I have chosen to celebrate! To celebrate being broken and God seeing fit to repair! We will celebrate Jaxon and the life he has been given and have a heart full of Thanksgiving! I will make an extreme effort to not dwell in sadness and destruction but live in the moments that have been given, the miracles that are.

My FAMILY survived a year that was meant to kill, steal, and destroy us and we are sharing that journey with you! The level of celebration is wayyyyyy past extravagant and over the top but the decision to celebrate and not be devastated is a conscious choice. A celebration of life is happening on 7/25/2021 our family survived. The scars are present, deep and ugly; but God said no saved so many lives!

This year God has stretched us all! My faith has exceeded anything I thought was possible! Being broken and making the conscious choice not to remain that way is some heavy work! God I know you ordained this journey and I know what you have told me, showed me and sowed into me! Restoration, protection, prosarity, joy are all of things I am holding onto! Get ready for the flood of God Said No this week, daily blogs, videos and special merchandise all for God allowing the 1st year!

Y'all Show us some love this week; it's going to be a rollercoaster!

A word just came y'all:

While I gave birth to Jaxon almost a year ago, I may still be in the pregnancy stage of my possibility and purpose. The true miracles and birth of greatness has yet to be born and GOD is going to give us double for our trouble! God we thank you!

Bye Y'all!

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