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Is this thing on?!?!?!

Hey Y'all,

Are y'all reading??? Why haven't I heard from you? Comment, share, let's talk!!!! Today, relationships are on my heart! Specifically, how do you show up in your relationships?

Are you showing up for others the way you want them to show up for you? When you experience tragedy/trauma it is often a time of reflection; at least it has been for me. Through these devastating experiences, you can often feel alone and let's not forget to add Covid restrictions and it can be downright depressing. Are you checking on your people? Are you being checked on?

I commend myself that no matter what is going on in my life, I show up for my people!! If I wait for things to "calm down" in my life before I reach out, call, show up to events I would never see anyone. God didn't wait until you got it right to show up for you! You have to be intentional.

Relationships require 2 people to show up! 2 PEOPLE! Don't be the friend that always has to be found! Find your people! Investigate your tribe's love language BE PRESENT! We often say I will do it tomorrow, tomorrow is not promised. Be the friend/lover/daughter/son you would want.

I challenge everyone to be intentional today!! Send that "Hey girl" or "Hey bro" text. Don't assume that anyone knows you care or what you are going through! Hold your people accountable!

I would like to take this time to thank my support system! God definitely showed out when he blessed me with my tribe. I am never alone! I have a family/ not just a blood family, Family my heart picked! I am so thankful for them being a constant support and reminder of how much God loves me! Thank you for reading, shopping, supporting, subscribing and sharing! The love is so amazing!

Bye Y'all!

Happy Friday!

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