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Happiness is a Choice?!?!?

Hey Y'all,

I have decided that I choose happiness. I choose not to let my situation or circumstances determine my smile and/or my spirit. Let's talk about how I got here.

The last 2 weeks have been really rough! It seems as though once I started sharing my story and giving God all the glory my family came under attack. Darren became ill and went into the hospital 2x in 3 weeks. People generally believe that the doctors will do everything they can and listen to all concerns. I can say that's not always true. By Darren being non verbal and chronically ill we have to fight to be heard and at times of stress the last thing a parent wants is to fight. I can now understand the movie John Q!

My happiness fled over these last 2 weeks and that was not okay for me. I had worked so hard to get in the best head space and be positive and spiritually connected. I had to get back centered with God. There was so much confusion and noise in my background that I had lost sight of God. However, because I am his child I can rest on his shoulders and his grace and mercy will always be sufficient.

Wednesday is when it happened, I held myself accountable! My joy comes from the Lord that I know. BUT this happiness; I create my own happiness. I choose how things affect me and how I respond/react. Even in the hardest moments and fighting for lives I choose to find happiness. To still be all that I am while carving out happy times and doing things that make me happy!

I choose to still be active and present in all relationships no matter my situation.

I choose to be LIVE in the land of the living, y'all some people are walking dead in the Land of the living. (Let that marinate)

I choose to BE KIND! (This one is big! You never know what people are going through and being kind can change a life.'s FREE!)

I choose to always stay Gracious (best revenge is yo paper) Thanks Beyonce'

I choose to FIGHT! ( For what's right, the people I love, and for people to do the right thing!)

I choose MYSELF! ( If I am not in the best place at any given moment that means I cannot give my best to my kids, my partner and others! And they deserve that!)


So, on this Friday the message is:

Just because you have losses doesn't mean you are a loser! I CHOOSE happiness!!

Bye Y'all!

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