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Friday is that you I see?!?!

Hey Y'all,

Fridays have always had a special place in my heart. When I was career based Fridays indicated that my life could really start and happiness started at 5 o'clock. God has shown me that you don't need to ever wait for happiness or for life to really start. What are we waiting for? Life is happening right now and if you wait for the next moment you could have missed so many beautiful moments! Example, when I was pregnant with Jaxon I was so over it and ready for Jaxon to get here! Man, I was so uncomfortable! If I knew then what I know now then I would have cherished that time that he was safe and sound! He was healthy and safe in my womb and I couldn't wait to get him out because of selfish reasons! I was uncomfortable, God dwells in our uncomfortableness, please know there will be a time of joy even in the midst of our trials!

Don't wait another moment to be happy! Start right now! Wherever you are let God meet you there. He has the key to peace and happiness! God has been hearing us and Darren is on his way home as we speak! Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

Friday means Family time! My grief has retreated and my joy has returned! It may hit me in a moment but in this instance I chose happiness. Y'all do know happiness is a choice! We determine our mood and how our day goes! I am so blessed to have the support system I have that helps me in my lowest moments! So go and enjoy this beautiful day, this is but a moment in time and it will get greater later!!! Chin up, shoulders back, invisible superhero cape tied, nurse mommy to the rescue!

P.S. Jaxon got his glasses today and he said "God said No!" and proceeded to take them off so he can watch Elmo in peace! LOL!!! Boss Baby!!

Happy Friday!

Bye Y'all!!

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